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Welcome Wolfpack! We are pleased to present you with the inaugural issue of The Howler newsletter. In the interest of keeping you abreast of all things Wolf, you will receive an issue of The Howler in your email every (Friday). It will also be posted on 

Our goal with this newsletter is to keep you informed as to what has been happening here in the Wolf Den, how Wolfpack members are feeling about the Straight Line System, and how they are implementing it in the workplace to close more deals and improve their lives. 

We will also use it to keep you posted on exciting, upcoming wolf-centric events so you don’t miss a single howl or growl that can add pretty green to your pocket, and put paper on your plate. Consider The Howler your one-stop shop for all things Wolf. The New York Times and the Washington Post might be good at uncovering scandals, but here at The Howler we’re the best at unleashing your potential, and leading you down the road to riches.

Quotes of the Week

“I have to say thanks Jordan. I got the fast track this weekend and it honestly gave me SO MUCH more confidence on the phone. I’ve been able to weed out the non qualified people, and build actual rapport with the qualified leads. I truly feel like a professional at this point. #MasterClass coming.”

– Cory Huling 4/1/19

I just paid my second monthly payment for this membership, ($14 x 2 = $28) and purchased the SLS system and Script builder ($1500)

After over 10 revisions of using and revising my new Straight line script I have brought in over $22k to my company with that script since starting my membership.

With the massive lead flow I have I plan to double that next month.A more than 10x return is not bad. Apply what you learn here folks, it works.

—  Jeremy Jones, Wolfpack member — 4/2

“Hey Everyone, The straight line has truly changed my life. I watched the modules in 2014 in my basement while I was already been in sales for 4 years and making 80k per year. I learned it and applied everything and started my own firm in 2015. I’m glad to say this system has been the foundation of my company that last year alone revenued over 8 mil. M. Jordan, you truly gave me a training system that blows every salesman into a different league of influencers.”

– Saeed Torbati 4/1/19

Website Tip of the Week

*Each week we will give you a tip on how to get the most out of

 This week’s tip is to be sure you fill out/update your profile. Our Platform is more than just a gateway to the Wisdom of the Wolf, it’s also a fast-growing community of high-achieving, like-minded professionals, making it a great place to meet people and network. So fill out your profile, join a group or two and start making connections today.

Weekly Highlights

This past week we all took another step into spring, and Wolfpack members moved a little further down the path to success and wealth creation by utilizing the inimitable teachings of the one and only Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street.

JB was particularly fired-up this week as he informed the Pack of the importance of staying motivated and not making excuses during his Daily Motivations. “Excuses are for losers,” was his message. No one who ever made excuses for why they couldn’t succeed ever went home and fucked the Prom Queen. Or King.

The Wolf also presented some great tips on how to maintain control of your conversations so that you always keep moving forward toward closing. Keeping the conversation within the proper parameters is of utmost importance, he informed us, unless you want to end up broke on Pluto. And you certainly don’t want that. Mars, maybe. You might run into Matt Damon. But not Pluto. No way.

If you were so busy closing that you missed the Daily Motivations this week, and only have time to watch one, be sure you don’t miss the April 1 installment, “Are You On The Straight Line?”

We are in the linguistics business after all – we’re not fucking miming over the phone to our prospects – and JB is the undisputed heavyweight champion of vocal persuasion. Not learning from his teachings is like throwing cash into the fire.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Training



The Wolf’s Live Weekly Training
Sat. 11:00 am – 12:30 pm PST
Subject: To be Announced



The Wolf’s Live Weekly Training
Sat. 11:00 am – 12:30 pm PST
Subject: To be Announced



The Wolf’s Live Weekly Training
Sat. 11:00 am – 12:30 pm PST
Subject: To be Announced

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Link to Buy Tickets:



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Wolf Smile of the Week

“When a Wolf Smiles, it Bares its Fangs…”

A software manager, a hardware manager, and a marketing manager are driving to a meeting when a tire blows. They get out of the car and look at the problem. The software manager says, “I can’t do anything about this – it’s a hardware problem.” The hardware manager says, “Maybe if we turned the car off and on again, it would fix itself.” The marketing manager says, “Hey, 75% of it is working – let’s ship it!”

Upcoming Launches



Updates to the site

  • Improved layout of courses.
  • Embedded Live Feed Chat.
  • Added badges for completed courses.
  • Location added for new posts

Updates coming soon

  • Wolfbucks
  • More Free Content added to the “Bonus” section (Whiteboard Wednesdays, deconstructions, etc.)
  • Improved search tools
  • Location added for new posts

Wolf Tip of the Week

Creating urgency is a crucial aspect of closing, and one that I’m frequently asked about. Many of you haven’t mastered this skill as well as you would like. Let’s fix that.

Ok, here’s the trick: Use scarcity to create urgency. It’s just that simple. The prospect must feel like what you’re offering is rare, that if they don’t act right now, they might miss out.

Is there only a certain amount remaining of this item? Did they only make so many? Are they disappearing fast and almost sold out? Is there a clock running? If they wait, will the deal expire?

Without scarcity there can be no urgency. If there’s a zillion left and the deal is good until the end of time, why should they buy now? You must have some kind of scarcity to create urgency, and you must have urgency to close right then – and right then, after all, is what we’re after. For a more in-depth explanation, please see: DM 149.

Updates From the Den

All of us here in the Wolf Den working on the JB Support Crew are very excited to announce that we’re in the process of making several major improvements to the Learning Platform. The Platform is a constantly evolving, dynamic entity, and everyone here works hard every day to try to provide you with the best possible experience. Like you, we’re never satisfied; we’re always striving to do better for our members.

Right now we are in the process of creating a page to explain how to earn and spend Wolfbucks. I know a lot of you have been inquiring about this, and we thank you for your patience. We’re all super-excited for you to start using them! 

We’re also currently launching our highly anticipated Affiliates Program, which will give you, the Wolfpack, the opportunity to sell the greatest product in the world: The ability to make people rich through the unparalleled teachings of Jordan Belfort. If you are interested in spreading the word of the Wolf – providing a fantastic service that your clients will profusely thank you for – while stuffing your pockets with fat commissions at the same time, be sure to let us know. 

Also, we have continued to make improvements to the upcoming Certification Program. This program will give you the chance to graduate from Wolf U., the greatest college on the planet. What makes it the greatest? This school makes you money. Real money in the real world. On a more technical front, we are currently developing a portal that will allow you to upload videos directly to the website, without having to upload to YouTube or Vimeo first. 

Also, Finally, we are taking great pains to ensure that our Facebook page stays live. We are trying to put an end once and for all to the string of errors we have been forced to endure. All of these changes and improvements will be live soon, so keep checking in! As always, your feedback and suggestions have been imperative in making the Program better than ever. So give yourselves a pat on the back and a scratch behind the ears and keep it up!

Quote of the Week

“Average Sucks Moose Cock”

Indeed it does. Well put, JB. No one average every fucked a Prom Queen, or drove a Lamborghini. This we know for sure…