Jordan, Thanks for the video, I've been selling for about 40 years. I have taken many sales courses and seminars (among them Dale Carnegie's how to "Win Friends and Influence People") so I know what you are saying to be true. Sometimes you have the Power and the Ability and you don't realize it. After listening to you in the video…I now know and more importantly understand how to use it. Thank you.

Robert Clarke

I've got to tell you, after watching all of the training videos of the straight line system, I was on fire. I tell people all the time , it's not what you say it's how you say it, but never took my own advice. But with just a few tips , such as lowering your voice, a few prepared hand gestures, I received two job offers in the span of three days. Not to mention my personal life, I was dating a guy who was actually good friend of mine 10 years ago, a friend that disappeared the first week of our relationship. By simply being conscious of my tone, having the positive energy of watching your seminar, I got to talk to a long lost friend. It's was like being in the Twilight Zone whatever that really means. I literally stepped back in time, I got to spend time with someone I was sure was gone forever. It blows me away how tonality changes EVERYTHING!

Nikki Galbreath

Jordan has inspired me to open a small call centre in ireland that accomodates 6 staff on commission on the phones... something i always wanted to do but just needed the motivation to start. Massive inspiration for me and my business... new saying is 'WWJD' What would Jordan do!

Nicholas Hammond

Jordan,very big fan of what you have done with your business and also how much you have helped others. That's exactly what the world needs and I appreciate your help. I really want to learn and be guided by someone like you to take me to the next step and level. I am so motivated to learn from someone like you personally on your day to day sales techniques and business models. I really want to master the straight line and teach it to others also. What do I need to do in order to make this happen?!

Stevie Popvich

Natural sales! Your videos make closing so much faster and even my phone room booking more leads. With direct questions and becoming projected experts in our field. Great tips and thank you. -Small business owner that's grateful.

Eric Kenney

Hi Jordan, First of all thank very much for taking the time to respond to my request,I really feel very privileged and appreciate it immensely. It was only recently that I got exposure to the Straight Line System and the reason it hooked me was because I as thinking of writing my own sales system and using my extensive knowledge of NLP as the foundation, with Ethics being top of mind of course. When I saw your system, the first thought that popped into my head was: "Why re-invent the wheel" especially when the wheel was invented by Jordan Belfort and instead of assuming that you will say no, I took a shot at it and asked the question. A no is not as good as a yes but it is better than a maybe, so once again thank you very much for taking the time to say no. I'll definitely make contact with you again when I can afford your services. Regards

Wesley Welthagen

Jordan- I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to believe in the art of the sale. I constantly review the Straight Line again and again. I appreciate your leadership so much, and wanted to tell you that you've yet again changed the life of another aspiring leader, and millionaire. All the best

D.J. Yokley

Mr.Jordan Belfort- I've been studying your books and videos and I want to say that I'm very astonished and motivated to prosper a life unlike others. I've recently became an owner of 3 separate multifamily unit apartments. With these new investments I'm grossing 10x more money than I was before. Very eager in owner multifamily apartment complexes around the area. I would love to hear from you for suggestions in the business prospects. Soon I will like to make a name for myself like you. Many friends think I'm crazy cause I envision this idea to make it real. Thank you Jordan.

Jeremy Patton

Hi Jordan, my name is Emily. I've enrolled in your straight line programme when you came to South Africa. Your motivational videos have encouraged me to start a short term loan business. I currently have 6 consultants working for me and a manager to run the business. We constantly face call Centre sales challenges due to my team not reaching their targets. I'd like to get more advise from you regarding sales and targets. Thanks for your motivation!

Emily Tazz Moshodi