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Lone Wolf Package


Master the art of sales and persuasion once each week at the hands of the world’s #1 sales trainer, Jordan Belfort. Taking you on a deep dive each week into one specific aspect of the Straight Line System, these trainings last for one FULL hour and consist of just that: training. In other words, unlike virtually all of today’s so-called webinars, these trainings contain no fluff, no fillers, and you never get sold to at the end. Instead, Jordan ends each session with an extended Q&A, 

“What you say to someone every once in awhile has very little impact; what you say to someone everyday has a massive impact and can change their life”


Jordan Belfort Imagine having the Real Wolf of Wall Street in your ear every day―teaching, coaching you, mentoring you, and literally driving you to success. Using a proprietary blend of motivation and skills training, each daily session arrives in your inbox by 7a.m., and follows the same strategic pattern that Jordan used to elevate a ragtag group of struggling young stockbrokers into the most effective sales force in Wall Street history. The only difference is that today’s talks include repeated references to the importance of maintaining one’s ethics and integrity, throughout the sales process. Interestingly, as effective and legendary as these daily talks were, the inclusion of ethics has made them even more effective today. At only $5 a month, these daily LIVE talks are literally a no-brainer.



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