How to build confidence

I’m still posting answers to the questions I received during my December webinars, and the question of how to go about building confidence seems to be a favorite among every audience I encounter. So I think it’s really important for me to go into detail here, confidence is key!

And pay attention here. This isn’t some academic exercise. Getting this one thing right will make all the difference in just about every aspect of your life, from who you marry, to whom you work for, to how much you earn, to how satisfied you are with your life in general. This is real world advice on how to overcome the one challenge that seems to hold most people back all their lives.

At the most basic level, and I’m talking about where the rubber meets the road, the most effective way to build your confidence is a word that starts with a “P.” It’s called: prepare, prepare, prepare.

The most confident person who steps into the ring is the one who’s been out there preparing in the gym, getting themselves into shape, honing their craft and so forth. What’s the model of the Navy SEALs? It’s: prepare hard, fight easy. Think about that for a second. How do you build confidence? By becoming insanely prepared! By becoming an expert at what you do.

When I walk into a sale, I know I’m going to take control. Every sale is the same for me. I walk into a sale, I’m not questioning if the guy’s gonna be a jerk or he’s gonna throw me a curveball. There are no curveballs. There’s only a finite number of things that a person can say to you.

And once you take control of the conversation, guess what? You’ll deal with it. That person is going to get to say their peace; they’re going to get out all their objections; they’re going to ask you all their questions, but on your timing – when it makes sense for you in terms of the presentation.

What is the most effective way to create certainty in the three 10s in another human being? What’s the most effective way to take someone with a high action threshold and lower it in the moment? You can’t do that if the other person is in control. You’re like an outmatched boxer. You’re just covering up from the flurry of punches until eventually, you land one knockout, like Ronda Rousey, and BAM! You get knocked out.

How much preparation did Holly Holm put into her experience in the ring? How prepared was she? How many times did she visualize herself stepping into that ring and kicking the shit out of Ronda Rousey?

Every world-class athlete, every world-class businessman, and especially every person who’s been through the Straight Line System, understands the process called state management. In one of the DVDs, I talk about the process of olfactory anchoring that will allow you to trigger a state of absolute certainty every single time. There are things that we do in The Straight Line that tip the odds dramatically in your favor.

But at the end of the day, confidence is a function of preparation. As a function of being able to say, “I know everything I have to know, I did the work, I haven’t left things up to chance, and you know what? Not everybody’s going to buy.”

That’s it! But guess what? No one didn’t buy because I blew it. See, the difference between someone who’s been through The Straight Line System and knows its secrets, knows that you can close anyone who’s closable. But that doesn’t mean you’ll close everybody, because not everybody is closable. And also, not everybody should be closed. Remember I said, ethically, if you can’t help someone, don’t sell them. Help them find the product they need somewhere else.

But with The Straight Line System, once you get even reasonably proficient at it, you’ll get to this point where, when someone doesn’t buy, you can say, “All right I get it! But no one was going to sell to them. It wasn’t me. I didn’t screw it up.”

When you have that thought in your mind, then you have confidence. And the only way to get there is to prepare. The only way to get there is from knowledge.

If you want to become a world-class tennis player, what do you do? You take tennis lessons! You want to become a piano player, what you do? You take freakin’ piano lessons! If you want to get good at chess, you hire a chest master. It’s so simple! You wanna become better at closing? Buy a course. Take lessons in it. The information is there. And there’s nothing better than The Straight Line System!

Warren Buffett says …

Go Google “Warren Buffett + persuasion”. One of the top three richest men in the world and he’s been asked many times: what’s the secret to your success?

Buffett responds, “If there’s one thing I could tell you to do: take a course in persuasion.”

Also on video, Warren Buffett tells an audience of college students that right now they are each a million-dollar asset. If you want I’ll give you 10% right now. Go to the back of the room. I’ll give you 100 grand for 10% of your future earnings. But, he says, if you want to increase your value, go take a course in persuasion. That’ll up your value by 50%. Go to the back room and I’ll give you $150,000.

That’s Warren Buffett! This is a guy that you would think he’d say, ‘oh if you want to be successful learn how to read stock charts.’

No! Warren Buffett, of course he’s an expert at stock charts. Of course there’s more to success than persuasion and selling. But without that one skill – that ability to close the deal – good luck trying to get wealthy in this world. Good luck trying to get the most of what you are.

You know, so many people have these wonderful ideas, these great products on their mind, and they die with their music on their lips, because they don’t know how to persuade and influence.

Persuasion, sales, influence, is an entirely learnable skill. And The Straight Line System is, by far, the easiest, most effective way for any human being to dramatically increase their closing rate, and shorten their sales cycle.

Also, how do you go out there and build a massive referral chain? All the top salesmen that I train are all, almost exclusively, on referrals. One of the biggest parts of the system is: how do you develop a never ending stream of referrals? How do you create customers for life?

Remember that the cost of getting a customer, between the marketing and everything else, is expensive! You don’t want to sell them something once. There’s a very different set of Straight Line principles that come into play after you close the deal. What do you do after? How do you essentially take someone who’s a one time customer and turn them into a raving fan? A repeat customer. And how do you take those same people and create a massive chain – a never-ending stream of customers – of referrals?

That’s what The Straight Line System is all about.