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The basis of the program is found in the video training modules. Watch these one at a time, in order and make sure you do the exercises as you go along. Of course, there are additional resources available that you’ll find inside the membership site, within the respective module.

I suggest going through each module once a week, there’s a lot of information here and I don’t want you getting overwhelmed. Remember, go through each module as many times as it takes for you to feel comfortable with the material. The course is deliberately structured so that each module builds upon the last, so please don’t skip modules.

What’s most important is that you set aside the time to do this and that you take action on what you’re learning. Knowledge on its own cannot change your life. But when you combine knowledge with action, you become unstoppable.

With this system, you’ll cut straight to the heart of what makes the most powerful and successful influencers of our time prevail in just about any situation.

I look forward to working with you, pushing you and helping celebrate your wins in the process.

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