3 Things You Need to Achieve Massive Wealth and Success

Book stores and ecommerce sites are choking with stacks of how-to books, articles and blog posts on how to make more money. Some are good; most are a rehash of ideas that date back to the beginning of time. Some go around in circles while others go into the kind of mind-numbing detail few readers will ever pay attention to.

So here’s my take on the whole wealth creation idea. I keep it simple and brief – just three core principles (which no one else ever talks about). Then I show you the best way to implement them. Here we go …

1) You need a vision for your future.

Life’s a journey, right? I hear a lot of people say that. So what’s a journey?
It’s the act of traveling from one place to another – Point A to Point B. A journey is not aimlessly wandering around. So your life should not be characterized by aimless wandering, but instead, purposeful pursuit. Make sense so far?

Now, what’s a vision? It’s your mental picture of what Point B is – what it looks like, what it feels like to be there, what rewards you can expect on your arrival. It’s your end game; your target. Your vision has to be bold enough and exciting enough to inspire you. You have to want it so much that getting to point B is what keeps you up at night. Soon that metal picture becomes a movie. There’s sight, there’s sound and there’s action. The more you play this movie, the more detail you see and hear. It becomes your present reality even though it’s still in the future. Future pacing, if you will.

2) You have to learn how to share your vision with others.

If you can’t share your vision, you become a one-trick pony. Your vision will lack dimension so it can never be expansive. Your prospective partners, investors and customers will struggle to grasp the value of what you’re trying to sell them. Without a perceived value, they can’t buy into your vision.

And as you’re reading this message, you may be thinking it’s only for entrepreneurs. That no one else has a vision they need to share. Not salespeople, anyway. Wrong!

If you’re in sales, your vision should include finding the right solution for your prospect’s needs and wants. Now I spoke earlier about creating mental pictures and even movies and very often meeting your prospects’ needs and wants includes creating a movie in your prospects’ minds so they can experience the positive emotional impact of owning the product you want to sell. That means you not only need to create a vision for yourself, but you’ll also need to create at least a mini-vision for each prospect.

Now I’ve had to make adjustments to my own vision over the years, but at its core is a desire to provide massive value to my customers. My vision used to be massive wealth and power for myself. That didn’t work out too well, so I had to make massive changes. The vision I’ve had for the last 10 years or so has worked out very well for me because I’ve been able to share it with everyone else. So how do you successfully share your vision?

3. You need a system that gets you the results you want.

A lot of people think they need strategies for this and strategies for that to be successful. In a way, that’s true. But even with all those different strategies, success is never guaranteed and it’s often a struggle. That’s because strategies by themselves are often stop-gap measures that isolate a single issue and turn a blind eye to the big picture. And your vision will always be a part of the big picture. In fact, your vision IS the big picture.

What a system is, if it’s put together the right way … it’s a series of cohesive, coherent and complementary strategies. Instead of darting off in a new direction (or wandering aimlessly) with each new strategy, a system takes you from the beginning to the end, step-by-step, strategy after strategy. You’re always on track and you’re always heading in a straight line toward that Point B, whether it’s closing a sale, reaching a goal, or achieving your vision.

With a system you’re always making progress, even if you’re not seeing results right away. This is really important because when we don’t see quick results, we tend to get frustrated and a lot of people just give up. With a system you always know where you are between Point A and Point B. You’re not wandering aimlessly, you know how far you’ve come and you can see the fulfillment of your vision, even if it’s beyond the horizon.

Once you become an expert at sharing your vision, the world will flock to your door to be a part of it. Business owner, entrepreneur or salesperson, you will attract all the partners, investors and customers you would ever want.

Let me show you how …

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If you want to know how to create your own vision and attract others to it, what effective, targeted selling is all about, and how to close more sales, more often, and at higher grosses, then make plans to be there.

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