Let’s get serious for a minute!

Today I want to address a single question that pops up every now and then on my Facebook page and in my email box. Let me paraphrase …

Are Straight Line Persuasion and Fast Track any good and why hasn’t Jordan released any new material? This is the same stuff he taught back in 1989.

Fair enough. Let me begin with a couple of illustrations. When I was growing up in Queens, New York, I played my 1970s music on a stereo phonograph. Music became more portable when I could afford my own Sony Walkman cassette player. Eventually, the cassette was replaced by the Compact Disc. Then the world went totally digital with the advent of the mp3 file and the Apple iTunes Store. And today your music might just as likely be stored in the Cloud as beamed down to you from a satellite.

That’s a lot of changes over the years. And they all relate to how music is delivered. The music itself hasn’t changed one bit. I can still listen to the same songs I grew up with, some of the artists from back then are just as popular today and some have even influenced the music of today’s generation.

So what’s my point?

Today’s generation is seeing the world change at a faster pace than any previous generation. Years have been compressed into days and days have been compressed into minutes. And this generation has become accustom to ditching “old stuff” at a faster pace than any previous generation.

Now, some things are made to last only a short period of time. Few people are still hanging on to their 1989 Chevy Berettas because most of them fell apart years ago. The exact opposite is true of Rolls Royce and Bentley. This is a company that builds cars that last a very long time.

I didn’t set out to build The Straight Line Persuasion System to last a very long time. It’s just inherently durable because the persuasion skills I teach are based on the fundamentals of human nature – something that’s remained constant since the beginning of time. There are other aspects of my System that are truly unique and they’re the reason so many people using it have become so wealthy so quickly.

But the point I want to make right now is that very little has changed in sales over the years.

That means the techniques and strategies a used car salesman might use today aren’t much different from what a used camel salesman might have used in the Arabian desert thousands of years ago. The only things that have really changed are the names we give these techniques and strategies.

Out with the old, in with the rebranded

Today the Internet is all about giving away lots of stuff, sort of a goodwill gesture to prove 1) you’ve got good stuff to sell, and 2) you’re one of the good guys and not a sleazeball ripoff artist. Somehow, people of this generation think the give-away is a new concept, as if it was only a few short years ago that marketers got brains or that website owners got hearts. But marketers have been giving away stuff for centuries. In my generation we called these things “free samples.” And they came in the mail. All sorts of things from little boxes of cereal and laundry detergent to tiny tubes of toothpaste and shampoo. What a freakin’ concept!

Same thing with what you modern marketers call a tripwire. A generation or two ago they were called front end offers. And in retail, going back another generation or two, they were called trial size offers. If you’re looking for something new, it’ll likely be something old with a new name, a new look and a higher price tag. So stop asking for “new” because there is nothing new under the sun.

Here’s another thing. I made a commitment years ago to be honest and open in my dealings with customers. That might mean my products or the way I present them won’t have the razmataz others inject into their promotions.

I’ve helped thousands of poor people become millionaires over the years with my sales and persuasion systems. My question to those who want “new” is – have you made use of my products so completely that you’ve run out of ways to become wealthier?

An old concept, rediscovered

Far too many people today are looking for push button riches. About 10 years ago nearly every headline of every Internet sales letter mentioned something about making money while you sleep or making money in your underwear. And the crowds ate this stuff up just like the generation before ate up Joe Karbo’s The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches. I wonder how many of those people are retired now, living high on the hog. My guess is, very few. Why? Well, here is that old concept …

People who work hard get rich. Yes, I know all about working smart, and that’s helpful, but nothing happens until you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. I can pretty much guarantee you that the marketers who sold lazy people on the concept of making money without breaking a sweat busted their humps before they got to be millionaires. If not, then they were sleazeball ripoff artists.

So where’s the hard work in sales? It starts by learning the fundamentals. All the tips and tricks in the Universe won’t help you make a dime unless you understand why these little nuggets work in the first place. And you cannot be consistently successful in a sales career by feeding yourself a diet of tips and tricks. At some point, you’ll have to step up to the counter and order a full course meal. Your appetizer is the fundamentals of sales and persuasion.

No excuses

I realize that not everyone can rush out and get Straight Line Persuasion – It does cost a few bucks. Smart people with modest incomes have started with the very affordable Fast Track and when they earned enough money from what they learned in Fast Track, they upgraded to Straight Line Persuasion. But what if you’re freakin’ flat broke? You know – “I’m so broke I can’t even pay attention!”

I give away so much free stuff on my website, you really have no excuse. This weekly blog is one of those freebies. I truly hope it’s an inspiration for some and a career enhancer for others. There’s more on my Facebook page. You should be studying every word I write. Commit it all to memory. One day it’ll come in handy.

There’s also a form on the homepage. Give me your name and email and I’ll start sending you more free stuff. Loads of it and all of it taken directly from my System courses. I’ll send you offers as well – opportunities to buy my stuff or just try my stuff.

A final thought

I appreciate all the likes on Facebook, the shares, the thumbs up and all that stuff, but what I really want to know is how I’ve been able to help you build more confidence or close more deals or create a different life for yourself. Some people want to see raving fans. I want to see happy, successful students.

I wish you all the best. Until next time,



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