Do you have what it takes to be valuable?

I know there are people in your life who love you to the nth degree. And I know we can’t put any kind of value on human life. It’s priceless.

What I want to talk about today is how much value you bring to the table in the business sense. If you’re in sales what it comes down to is – how much can you sell? Or on a more personal level – how much ‘food’ can you put on the table for your family to enjoy.

Sales is the only career I can think of where the pay is inflation-proof and you can get a raise as often as you want. And you never have to ask for that raise. You just ask for the order.

For some people, asking for that order is like a walk in the park on a sunny day. For others, it’s about as backbreaking a work as building the Pyramids. The difference between the two has nothing to do with talent and everything to do with skill. A skill that can be mastered by anyone.

But before you can master a new skill, you must first learn it. And before you can learn it, you have to choose between doing nothing and doing something. Strangely … sadly … most people choose to do nothing.

People are where they are because that is exactly where they really want to be – whether they will admit that or not.

Earl Nightingale

Let’s look at the bright side!

A few weeks ago I wrote about Napoleon Barragan, the founder of Dial-a-Mattress and 1-800-MATTRESS. I mentioned that he’s invested upwards of $175,000 over the years on courses and seminars to hone his business skills. That may seem like an extreme example of doing something instead of nothing, but here’s how it likely played out.

Napoleon would invest a few hundred dollars on a sales or motivation course on cassette tape. Maybe something by Earl Nightingale. What he learned from that experience gave him the skill he needed to increase his sales by 1%. With the additional money he earned from that increase, Napoleon might have invested a few thousand dollars on a weekend seminar. There, he learned a new skill or sharpened one he’d already been working on. Maybe then he was able to increase sales by 10%. You follow what I’m saying?

The process continued – invest in a training program – sharpen a skill – earn more money – reinvest some of that new money into a new training program. That’s how Napoleon grew his company to $100 million in annual sales. In fact, that’s pretty much how every successful entrepreneur or sales professional has achieved their personal vision. They went out and learned what they didn’t know.

Now it’s your turn

Today I’m introducing a product I mentioned in this blog two months ago. It’s designed to help you perfect one of the most important sales skills and yet the one that’s least understood – building your sales script.

The salespeople I’ve spoken with over the past two months all agree – a sales script is crucial to your success at closing more sales. They also agree that the vast majority of sales scripts are at best, poorly written, and at their worst will cost you dearly in lost commissions.

Of course it’s difficult to imagine how much you’ve lost since you were never allowed to make it in the first place. It’s not until you get your hands on a great script or learn to create one yourself that you realize all that you’ve been missing out on. That difference is what I want you to see today.

For many months now I’ve been using this blog ONLY to give you value. Every Friday I give you something to inspire you, motivate you, get you to think outside the box and generally, help you realize your own potential.

Now’s the time to invest in YOU

Not for my sake. I’m doing pretty well these days. Do it for YOU! Invest a little in YOU! Make YOU happy! And maybe most important – make YOU proud that YOU’VE accomplished something few others have been able to do –  make YOU wealthy!

Get all the details right here.

All the best,



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